Don't get stressed and think it all impossible.

  • Thinking positively helps avoid stress. Remember, stress lowers efficiency.

  • Get adequate sleep daily, or you will burn out, fall sick and lose marks.

  • Create a manageable daily routine. Don't wake up at 3 a.m., for example, and fall off to sleep again!

  • Don't change your sleep routine often or your biorhythms will be affected.

  • Most importantly, avoid any form of negative self-suggestion. Talk yourself into thinking and feeling positive. This is the hidden key to success.

  • Take cod liver oil daily to prevent falling sick (following Dr Amitabh Pandit's advice). Avoid fried foods at all times. Avoid milk at night (its OK in the morning!). Dr Pandit can be reached at Tel: +91 94 154 101 34.

Do you ever get stressed and think it all impossible?

Causes of stress can be many from lack of sleep, distractions and interruptions, setting of unrealistic targets that cannot be realistically met, putting things off until the last minute, pretending to be working but accomplishing little, trying to do too much at once and trying to please others.

Stress can make you feel physically ill with a headache and or a tummy ache. You might also feel fed up, worried, anxious and fearful of the worst. You may feel you are unfit, lack energy and have no support.

Fear also causes stress. As fear is based on something that we think may happen in the future, it is clearly a mental process which tries to predict the future - in that sense, the reason of fear is a projection of our mind. All of these are direct and indirect causes of negative thinking.

  • Thinking positively helps avoid stress.

  • Avoid stress at all times.

  • Get adequate sleep and rest.

  • Create a manageable daily routine (don't wake up at 3 in the morning!)

  • Most importantly, avoid any negative self-suggestions and talk yourself into thinking and feeling positive.

  • Remember, stress lowers your efficiency.


I will leave no stone unturned between now and the exams to prepare.

I will practice concentration techniques (provided in this book) to improve my concentration.

There are always easy aspects that I can work on first.

I know I will ultimately please my parents if they know I did my best.

I will do my personal best.

I know I can master the techniques of exam taking.

I know planning is important for smart studying and will proceed after planning only.

I am determined to enjoy my studies. “If you don't like to do something for twenty minutes, try it for forty. You will eventually begin to enjoy it.” (a Zen saying)

I am determined to be prepared.

I can solicit the help of others when I need it.

I am not the type of person that gives up.

I will begin with small and easy tasks first and keep on going. I know this way, I can do many things and keep myself motivated.


I am worried about the results.

I can't concentrate.

Everything is so difficult.

What if I don't meet my parents' expectations? (a fear that reduces my ability to concentrate)

My sister/brother always does better than me.

I am no good at exams.

I don't know how to plan. There is so much to study.

I don't enjoy my studies.

I am not prepared.

Nobody is helping me.

I feel like giving up.

Why can’t anybody understand me?

I don’t feel like studying.