I wish to thank my father for motivating me and giving me the opportunity to write the 10-Keys and to my mother for being a constant source of encouragement. I also wish to thank Susmita Basu, Head, Quality Assurance and Innovations Department for proof reading the initial drafts of the 10-Keys and for working alongside with me in coming up with and implementing several new strategies for academic success of students.

Likewise, I am grateful to the Principals and teachers across the country and at CMS who have kept me prompted to reproduce these Keys each year. This year, I have converted the 10-Keys into a Coolkit that includes a smart planner and have also been able to elaborate further on the 10-Keys through this book.

I found much fodder for my initial thoughts in the interactions with teachers and students. I hope to continue to receive your good suggestions for the improvement of these Keys. My email is given below.

Sunita Gandhi, Ph.D.
President, Global Classroom Pvt. Ltd.