One must know the end at the beginning of a process. What do you want to accomplish in the final examination? Work now to please yourself, because you know these exams are important to your life and career. Trust in God and put your level best in, without waiting for encouragement from others, and their physical or psychological support. Don't consider how you are at the bottom rung of a class or at the top, how you cannot afford tuition like some others, or even if there are people in your life who have discouraged you, and other factors, some real, some perceived. Whatever your past and your present circumstances, if you can try any harder, then you must. Utilize the opportunity now to bring about profound changes to your exam results.

“If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it." W Somerset Maughan

Remember, it is your life. Attitude is a little thing that makes a massive difference. Now is your chance to wake up to the short time left before the exams. Positive attitude has it that you see this as an incredible opportunity before you. After the examinations, you should be able to tell yourself and honestly so, that you did your very best before the examination and could have done no better. That you left no stone unturned. Afterwards, you should not have any reason to blame yourself why you did not work harder or smarter, or worse still, blame others because they did not give you what you needed to succeed more. They can't. They won't always.

It is your life and you are in the driver's seat. In a short few weeks from now, you will be in the Board examination chair. You can't waste a moment. A highly positive mindset, a mighty resolve, a solid determination, solid planning and strategy combined with smart and hard work are your avenues for success.

You can walk away with the result you want regardless of others behind or ahead of you today or in the past. I cannot emphasize this enough. Most of us are born with average intelligence. We start out with the same intelligence but end up with different results. Observation has shown that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration (hard work). People who are successful in the examinations are not the people who were more intelligent in the first place, but those who worked smarter and harder and who, above all else, had the missionary zeal to do well.

Indeed, past data has shown that your fate is not determined by your relative position in the class now. Many students make major jumps in scores between pre-Boards and Boards based ENTIRELY on their smart and hard work. It is often like in a long race–those who start out ahead of others don't always end up winning, but many from the middle and the bottom make it to the end and win.

Study the messages in this book carefully, implement what you agree with. Work between now and the upcoming examinations to compete with yourself, to do your level best. Leave no stone unturned, seek the help of others when you need it, work in support groups and use any and all positive ideas you have and surprise yourself! You are better than you know.

To be successful, you have to know ‘What You Want’, ‘How Keen You Are To Get It’, and ‘What You Need To Do To Get It’. If you want something and you are clear about what you want, you are already half the way there. However, you have to want it hard enough to be focussed, to make the sacrifices necessary (no more watching your favourite show for sometime!), and take the steps necessary to get it NOW.

In other words, the formula for exam success is:

+ Smart Work
+ Hard Work

A Few Important Considerations

  • Do not worry about what others are doing or how they are doing.
  • Aim only to compete with yourself and do your absolute best. Put in your level best efforts and work now to surprise yourself and others.
  • Remember that the Board years are critical. Every other consideration, parties, events, birthdays, weddings and other must-do's can really wait.
  • Your exam results matter the most.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napolean Hill

The overarching objective of the senior years is success in the Board Examinations

  • All efforts should be directed to this goal
  • No holidays in the 10th and 12th grades or in the most important period of preparation
  • No absenteeism
  • No tardiness
  • No excuses whatsoever

At the end of the exams, you should be able to tell yourself you could not have done any better. If instead you feel you could have prepared and done better, then it is time to leave no stone unturned between now and your Board examinations.

Strictly focus on the bottom line–Your success in your Board examinations!

“At the beginning of every endeavour, one must look to the end of it.” Determine what is it that you want and how can you get there.